Important Guidelines




Our Appropriate Dress Code reflects the mission of the Toronto Catholic District School Board to provide a safe and welcoming learning environment. The Appropriate Dress Code consists of any combination of solid white and navy blue garments (e.g. plain white top, navy blue bottom or, navy blue top and bottom, no denim, no logos other than school crest). Spirit wear is part of the regular school dress code.  Details are outlined in the student agenda. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that combination of white and navy blue garments is adhered to.  There is no restriction as to where clothing for school is purchased and all students are strongly encouraged to have a collared shirt for special events (school masses, field trips, etc) 


CRESTED SCHOOL WEAR is encouraged and can be purchased from In-School Wear (, 416 423-3032)

white or blue – no logos, images or designs; choice of long or short-sleeved crew neck shirt, blouse, polo shirt, turtleneck or golf shirt; Sweaters, cardigans, hoodies or sweat-jackets must be solid navy or white with no logos, trims, images or designs

navy (dark blue) dress pants or cotton pants – no denim; navy walking shorts, skirts, skorts or tunic dress – please note all must be at knee length; all tights, hosiery must be plain white or navy

The gym dress code applies for physical education classes. All items are to be solid coloured with no trims, logos or lettering:

TOPS: white or navy crew neck t-shirts or sweat shirts; BOTTOMS: white or navy knee-length shorts, sweatpants or yoga pants 

In addition to outer footwear, indoor shoes with non-slip, non-marking soles are required for all students to ensure student safety and classroom cleanliness.  

Students are reminded to keep modesty and Catholic values in mind when choosing clothing and accessories for everyday use. Clothing which may not be worn include: jeans/ denims, leggings as pants, cut-off or ‘short’ shorts, shirts with any logo, language or imagery, halter or other backless tops, low-cut tops, tube tops, strapless tops or any clothing which bares the midriff; baseball caps and hats are only to be worn outside, in the schoolyard, during the respective recess periods.


Importantly, students have the option of a dress down day on their birthday!    If a birthday falls on the weekend, the Friday before is the designed dress down day.   For birthdays during extended holidays, a designated date will be communicated. 


We have students in our school with severe life threatening food allergies (anaphylaxis) to peanuts, nut products and other food items.  Although this may or may not affect your child’s class directly, it is important students bring snacks and lunches which are peanut and nut free and that snacks be eaten in classrooms only.  We encourage families to consider alternatives to classroom treats – stickers, pencils, etc. Any food items brought for classrooms must have teacher approval and be pre-arranged.


Cell phones and electronic devices should not be visible at any time at school.  Students are not permitted to use a cell phone to make calls, take pictures, text or play games at any time.  If a student displays or uses a cell phone or electronic device, it will be withheld and parents will be notified. 


The safety of our children in school is a matter of utmost importance to staff and parents.  In order to ensure that our children are in the safest possible learning environment, we ask that all families adhere to our procedures for entry and dismissal.

 Entry Procedure

1.  All entry points are locked before, during and after the instructional day. Visitors to the school are required to enter and exit using the front door only.

2.  All visitors who enter theschool must report directly to the office. Visitors are not permitted to go directly to the classrooms during the instructional day.

3.  Children who arrive late for school have to enter using the front door and report to the office as all entry points will be locked.

4.  When it is necessary for a child to leave the school early (dental appointments, pick up due to illness, etc.), parents are asked to enter the building through the front door, report directly to the office and check in with office staff in order to sign their child out.   For appointments, we ask your cooperation in picking up your child during a scheduled recess block to reduce the disruption to classrooms.