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CSPC Directors and Positions



1) Chair - Jennifer Medland
It is the responsibility of the Chair, in co-operation with the school principal, to provide Catholic leadership and direction to the Council and Executive Officers to ensure that goals priorities and procedures of the Council promote Catholic faith and gospel values consistent with the Mission and vision of the board.

The Chair of the Council shall:

  • Call Council meetings in consultation with the principal.

  • Chair Council Meetings.

  • Ensure that the minutes of Council meetings are recorded and maintained appropriately.

  • Ensure that records of all meetings and financial transactions are kept for a minimum of four years and made available at the school for examination without charge to any person from the Catholic school community.

  • Communicate regularly with the school principal in an effort to work co-operatively to improve pupil achievement.

  • Ensure that there is regular communication with the Catholic school community.

  • Work collaboratively with the members of the Council to prepare and submit an annual written report on the activities of the Council, including fund raising, to the principal and the board.

  • Consult with senior board staff as required.

  • Upon request, provide the local trustee with copies of the minutes of the meetings.

  • In addition, the Chair shall act as spokesperson for the Council and carry out such other duties as shall be required from time to time.

  • Be a parent member of the committee but CANNOT be an employee of the T.C.D.S.B.

2) Vice-Chair - Brooke Hunter

  • The Vice-Chair shall assist the Chair in the discharge of his/her duties and perform such other duties as may be required by the Council or the Executive officers.

  • In the absence of the Chair or in the event of the Chair’s inability the Vice-Chair shall assume the duties of The Chair.

3) Secretary - Nadine Cannata

  • Prepare the Agenda for Council meetings in consultation with the principal.

  • The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings of the Council and the Executive Officers, and shall deal with all correspondence or communications directed to or required of the Council and the Executive.

  • In addition, the Secretary shall co-operate with the Chair to ensure that all minutes and records of the

  • Council are available at the school for examination by any person from the Catholic school community.

  • The secretary shall perform such other duties as may be required by the Council and the Executive Officers.

  • In the absence of the Chair or Vice-chair or in the event of their inability, the Secretary shall assume the duties of the chair or such other duties as may, be required by the Council or the Executive Officers.

4) Treasurer - Sabrina Tomei

  • The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate accounts for all receipts and disbursements of the Council in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and shall be guided by Board Policy SM.04 Fund Raising in Schools in regard to banking and fund disbursements in accordance with such requirements as may be imposed by the Board or other relevant authority.

  • The treasurer shall provide at regular meetings of the Council an account of all transactions of The Council, including the financial position.

  • Prepare a full Financial Statement for submission to the Internal Audit Committee of the Council at least two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting in September.

  • The Treasurer shall perform such other duties as may be required by the Council or the Executive Officers of the Council.

  • In the absence of the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary or in the event of their inability, the Treasurer shall assume the duties of the Chair.

5) Vice Chair Community - Angelina Pun/Kasia Stevenson

  • Coordinates connections of classrooms to parents (class parent volunteer coordination)

  • Coordinates connections of classrooms to community (classroom community giving and volunteering)

6) Vice Chair Fundraising - Cecilia Ramos

  • Coordinates volunteers and teams for fundraising events

  • Works with event primes to develop communication and participate in fundraising

  • Key point of contact for fundraising ideas or suggestions

7) Parish Liaison Representative - Krysta Foss and Nuala Zietsma

  • Provides a relationship and link between the school and the Parish community

  • Provides updates or information or feedback to Father Jim on behalf of the school; provides parish-related information to CSPC as applicable

8) Communications Lead - Margaret Margossian

  • Communicates any CSPC community-related information to key representatives in the community including President of Moore Park Resident’s Association

  • Communicates any feedback, suggestions or information from neighbours in the community or the MPRA to CSPC for discussion

  • School website design and maintenance

9) Bursar - Caroline Wang

  • Collect cash and cheques received for various CSPC initiatives from the office on a bi-weekly basis

  • Record details of receipts

  • Provide summary of funds from initiatives to treasurer

  • Prepare charitable receipts at end of year

    • Helpful Experience:

      • Organized and comfortable handling money and reconciling multiple items

      • Available during banking hours to make deposits (approximately once every two weeks)

      • Reasonably proficient with excel

10) CPIC Representative (Ward 9) - TBD

  • CPIC representative for Ward 9 is requested to serve a two-year term

  • CPIC Meetings are held at the TCDSB location and attended by other CPIC Ward representatives, Trustees and Board staff

  • CPIC representative responsibilities include:

    • Meet 8 – 10 scheduled times a year to identify issues related to parent engagement for discussion, information and action.

    • Enhance communication to CSPC Chairs and Directors

    • Work in partnership with our Trustees, Catholic parent organizations, the Parent Engagement Office, the Provincial Parent Board and other appropriate organizations that promote parent engagement

    • Share information, resources and news transparently and proactively to support the TCDSB in welcoming parents to become involved effectively and positively in their school communities

    • Discuss and respond to items referred to CPIC by CSPCs or the Board.

11) Members at Large - Devon Boyd, Nadine Cannata, Jeilah Chan, Anna Dobbie, Halla Elias, Krysta Foss, Carrie Gamache, Chris Hatch, Brooke Hunter, Margaret Margossian, Jennifer Medland, Angelina Pun, Cecilia Ramos, Kasia Stevenson, Sabrina Tomei, Caroline Wang, Nuala Zietsma

  • Voting member at CSPC; active participant in CSPC meetings

  • Available to support CSPC-led initiatives and other Directors when required

12) School Principal - Katherine Banfield

13) Teacher Representatives - Madeline Martino, Rachelle Mills